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Did you know that Wales has the most castles in Europe and that Windsor Castle is the oldest and larder still habitable castle in the world? Also, Germany has approximately 25.000 castes. Let’s discover together our five most favorite castles in Europe.

  • The Palace of Pena – Portugal: A 19th century building, in a full romantic architecture, with pink, red and yellow towers, only 40 minutes away from Lisbon. The Palace is an UNESCO World Heritage Site. Around the Palace, there is the Pena Park, which surrounds the Palace. Like all the parks and gardens around every castle, this park has a labyrinthic system and paths, connecting the palace with many points of interest throughout the park.
  • The Neuschwanstein Castle – Germany: The castle of Disney’s Sleeping Beauty does exist. The construction of the castle started in 1869 and it has a long history. The aim of the King Ludwig II, was to keep it private and away from the public. His dream was to build a fairytale castle. However, few weeks after his death, the castle was opened  to the public. It is said that more that 1.4 million people are visiting the castle every year. If you wish to visit the castle, there is a hotel few hundred meters away from the entrance of it and you can live the fairytale as well.
  • Château de Chenonceau – France: One of the most amazing castles in Europe is located on the edge of a forest, an hour away from Paris. The castle is a combination of beauty and popularity. On the bridge, there is a Gallery which you have to visit, since it accommodates royal portraits and other extraordinary paintings. During the First World War, the huge ballrooms on the bridge, were transformed into hospital rooms. The gardens surrounding the castle are like a rare diamond. Symmetrically and colorful are creating an unbelievable and dreamy landscape.
  • Windsor Castle – England: This castle has so many stories to tell. It covers a royal history of 1000 years. The Waterloo Chamber with the portraits, the St. George’s Chapel, home of the Order of the Garter, and the exceptional Queen Mary’s Dolls House, a masterpiece in miniatures, are some of the must see inside the castle. Built in the 11th century, Windsor Castle, was used as a refuge by the royal family during the Second World War. It is one of a kind, from architecture to furniture and interior. British people have a special connection with the castle and the surrounding area due to their respect to the British Royal Family.
  • Eltz Castle – Germany: Beautiful but tricky to reach. Eltz Castle first part was built during the 9th century in the hill above Moselle River. Through the years, different houses have been built around the main building from different heirs and families. Today, few parts of the castle are open to the public, allowing the visitor to see and admire the architecture and the treasures of the castle. To reach the castle, you can drive up to a point and then you have to hike to get to the building. Trains and busses are available as well.

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