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There are some tips that we believe will help you to enjoy your trips more:

Keep an open mind during your trip and try to avoid over booking your days. This mistake is something that most of the tourists do since they want to accommodate everything into their program.

We recommend booking your tickets online only for the places that you really wish to go, and the places which are close to your interests, not close to Instagram trends. This will save you a lot of time and you will enjoy more your visit.

Follow your partner’s interests as well, and never say “no” to new adventures which are not part of the plan. The unexpected, is the best.

Wake up early! It sounds difficult but it is not! Waking up early, allows you to see the sunrise and feel the morning breeze to every country that you are visiting. For many is a sacrifice, but think that you will have a whole day in front of you to spend it as you wish. Also, you can be the first into a museum or in an archeological site, giving you the chance to explore more and enjoy a quiet tour.

Another tip is to try to observe and follow the locals. Smell, see, feel and taste. Try new local food, see the colors of the city and take a moment to listen the noises. This is what you will eventually remember. Pause for a second and appreciate what you see, because not many people are lucky to see it.

Lastly take a lot of photos, not for posting, but just for you. Why? Because you have the chance to visit these places once in a lifetime, capture the moments and imagine yourself telling the stories behind of every picture to your kids. Photos are not only what we see, is more about the feelings that we have when we see it.


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